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Burger King faces an Impossible Whopper class-action lawsuit

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2019 | Class Actions

Burger King recently added the Impossible Whopper, it’s first plant-based protein item, to its menu here in the United States. While the idea of it being sold at the fast-food chain initially delighted vegans and other health-conscious foodies, Burger King is now facing a class-action lawsuit over the introduction the burger to its menu.

Plaintiffs filed a class-action lawsuit last week after raising concerns about how the Incredible Whopper is prepared.

An investigation that the plaintiffs conducted revealed that the plant-based Impossible patties are prepared using the same broiler that’s used to warm up chicken and beef. The plaintiffs argue that the fast-food chain’s latest burger is, therefore, far from being animal by-product free. It’s instead cross-contaminated during this cooking process.

The plaintiffs also argue in their lawsuit that what makes the matter worse is that Burger King failed to disclose how the current Impossible Whopper cooking method may result in cross-contamination.

One thing that the plaintiffs fail to acknowledge is how early advertisements about the Incredible Whopper emphasized how it would continue being cooked using some of the same cooking methods that are used with its other patties.

A spokesperson for the fast-food giant pointed out that the fast-food chain offers customers alternate ways to have their burger prepared if they’re concerned about cross-contamination. Burger King allows consumers to have their burgers prepared in an oven instead of being made in the shared broiler if they’re concerned about their Impossible Whopper making contact with meat by-products.

The plaintiffs, in this case, have demanded that Burger King start making the Impossible Whopper on a separate grill from its meat products. They’ve also requested undisclosed damages for the harm that the situation has caused them.

Individuals who join class-action lawsuits do so because their claims for damages are too small to hire their attorney to fight their case for them. If multiple would-be plaintiffs find themselves in the same boat, then they join forces to take on defendants with access to seemingly endless monetary and legal resources available to them as a collective unit instead of going at them individually.

If you’ve been misled, deceived or otherwise ill-treated by a company, then it’s likely that others have been as well. A class actions attorney can advise you of your right to join a lawsuit and what you can expect as an outcome in your case.

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