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Reviewing statistics on legal malpractice claims

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2021 | Legal Malpractice

Whether you worry about the possibility of a lawyer violating professional standards while working with you or you have already suffered losses as a result of legal malpractice, it is important to review information on this topic. For example, you should recognize the prevalence of legal malpractice cases and the potential benefits associated with standing up for your rights and taking action.

Every year, attorneys in Missouri and across the country do not provide their clients with the support they deserve and those who break the law must answer for their actions.

Data on legal malpractice awards

The Missouri Department of Insurance reports that during 2019, awards from legal malpractice cases totaled $6.9 million. Among these cases, courts closed 85 claims, with 55 resulting in disbursements. Most of the attorneys held accountable in successful malpractice claims had more than a decade of experience.

In fact, successful legal malpractice claims saw an average payout of more than $228,000 during 2019, a notable increase in comparison to 2018, when the average payout totaled $116,606.

Looking at the reasons behind legal malpractice claims

Malpractice victims took legal professionals to court for a host of reasons. In 2019, most of these cases arose due to allegations of mishandling cases that involved personal injuries or property damage. Other practice areas included bankruptcy, family law, real estate and estate planning.

Common mistakes that led to a malpractice claim included planning errors, insufficient investigations, improper filing, bad advice and the abuse of process. If you have experienced any form of legal malpractice, make sure you explore your options.

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