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Helping With Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) Claims

It is a common problem – a sudden call during family dinners or business hours, and then the artificial or otherwise inconsiderate voice of a company representative. Unless you gave the caller written consent, these invasive calls are illegal thanks to the TCPA. Additionally, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted rules banning the use of auto-dialers and robotic callers. Under the TCPA and FCC rules, unless given written permission, it is illegal for companies to:

  • Fax uninvited marketing materials
  • Text coupons and other forms of advertising
  • Call residences and cell phones with pre-recorded or artificial voices

TCPA violators are often debt collectors, telemarketers and banks. You should keep track of anything you receive from these organizations. Save such things as voicemails, text messages and phone records. A log of information can make a difference if you take action to stop the harassment.

The TPCA has very harsh penalties for companies who place robo-calls or texts to individuals without their consent. The law states that if a company calls or texts you without your permission, the company is strictly liable for each call or text that it makes. This means that you will be able to receive compensation for each and every call or text they send to you.

Report Violations To Edgar Law Firm LLC

If you are receiving robo-calls or texts, report them to Edgar Law Firm LLC. Our attorneys can investigate the calls and/or texts and help you obtain compensation. Contact our firm by email or calling 888-352-0338 for a free initial consultation about your case.