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Business Interruption Insurance Claims Due To COVID-19/Coronavirus

Edgar Law Firm understands this is a very tough time for everyone.  If you own a business and purchased a business interruption insurance policy, you may have made (or will make) a claim as a result of the government mandated shutdowns due to the COVID-19/Coronavirus.  Edgar Law Firm is currently representing businesses that have made such insurance claims, and have been denied coverage.  Every insurance policy, insurance company, and affected business is different.  While some business interruption claims are rightfully denied, many claims are being wrongfully denied.

If your business was denied business interruption insurance due to the COVID-19/ Coronavirus mandated shutdowns, Edgar Law Firm wants to hear from you.  We will answer your questions and review your claim at no charge. Do not delay! Please contact John F. Edgar at 888-352-0338 or email [email protected]

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