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Fraudulent Timeshare Cancellation Companies and Attorneys

Have you paid a company or attorney to assist you in cancelling or getting out of your current condominium timeshare?

Edgar Law Firm is currently conducting an investigation as to companies and/or attorneys promising relief/cancellation for timeshare purchases.  While many of these companies/attorneys offer legitimate assistance, many are out to scam unsuspecting timeshare owners.  They often offer false promises and guarantees in order to illegally collect fees for their services.  It is unfortunate, since many people simply want to exit their timeshare, only to find they have been scammed a second time.  Edgar Law Firm stands ready to review your potential claims.

If you have paid a fee to a timeshare relief/cancellation company or attorney, and you have gotten nowhere, Edgar Law Firm wants to hear from you.  We will answer your questions and review your claim at no charge. Do not delay! Please contact John F. Edgar at 888-352-0338 or email [email protected]

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