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The Long-Term Consequences Of Toxic Exposure

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How Does Toxic Exposure And Environmental Exposure Occur?

Companies are not always responsible about their environmental impact. This can lead to significant pollution and toxic chemical leeching. The means by which they pollute varies with each situation, and it can take the form of unintentional leaking of contaminants, intentional “midnight dumping,” or departing a contaminated facility without taking proper steps to remove and/or prevent the migration of contamination at the site.

The types of contamination are limitless, often vary based upon geographical location, and may include:

  • Leaking storage at refinery and other industrial sites
  • Laboratory waste leakage, including radioactive waste and chemical and biological contaminant leaks
  • Toxic chemicals and gas byproducts from oil and coal production and mines
  • Mining waste, including toxic ash dumping

Over the years, federal and state governmental entities have enacted numerous regulations and laws directed at pollution and toxic contamination. Unfortunately, many of these governmental entities simply do not have the budget or the resources to enforce such regulations and laws.

To make matters worse, some corporate entities ignore these regulations and laws and illegally release toxic chemicals and other pollutants into our environment or avoid meaningful remediation efforts for decades by delaying the administrative process.

There Are Legal Remedies Available

Our civil justice system provides remedies for corporate irresponsibility involving pollution and toxic contamination so as to allow the recovery of damages resulting from such pollution and toxic contamination, including loss in property values and forced remediation of the pollutants.

Depending on the situation, environmental and toxic contamination cases may be prosecuted in the context of a class action, or possibly individual personal injury actions. Edgar Law Firm LLC and its attorneys have recovered millions for injured parties as a result of toxic contamination. Moreover, we have forced these condescending corporations to clean up their mess in the most efficient methods available. We work closely with a team of physicians, toxicologists, and other professionals in determining exposure pathways and causation

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