Kansas City Consumer Protection Attorney

Representing Consumers Nationwide

Edgar Law Firm LLC, brings class action lawsuits on behalf of consumers across the country.

The Kansas City, Missouri-based firm has a history of standing up for the rights of consumers. With 100 years of combined experience, the firm's consumer protection lawyers have obtained compensation for millions of consumers in class action lawsuits. Among their successes, they have won cases against major corporations such as Microsoft.

Whether clients have been physically injured or financially harmed, the firm's litigators provide aggressive representation against corporations. They are committed to holding companies accountable for damage caused by their products and services.

Protecting Consumers' Rights

Corporations have a duty to provide safe products to consumers, to inform consumers about risks, and to honor their advertising. When they violate their duty and cause harm, they owe consumers a debt.

Consumer protection is a mission for the Edgar Law Firm, and it helps clients take legal action when their clients' rights have been violated.

The firm handles cases involving:

With 100 years of combined legal experience, the firm's attorneys have comprehensive knowledge of consumer protection statutes and proven trial skills in local, regional and national jurisdictions.

Case examples include class action lawsuits against insurance companies for improper collection of fees and against major banks for the failure to pay interest to account holders.

The firm's attorneys know what clients are entitled to, they know the law, and they know how to remedy legal issues. Combining resourcefulness and efficiency, they prepare cases for trial as quickly as possible to maximize financial recovery.

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