Edgar Law Firm Files Class Action As A Result Of The Conditions At The Jackson County Detention Center

Edgar Law Firm Announces Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Jackson County, Missouri Arising From Dangerous Jail Conditions.

Edgar Law Firm recently filed a class action lawsuit against Jackson County, Missouri. The case is entitled Prado v. Jackson County, Missouri (Case No. 4:17-CV00506, pending in the Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri). The plaintiff has alleged the jail maintains horribly unsafe and inhumane conditions. The claims include broken and clogged plumbing throughout the jail which allow human waste to overflow into the cells holding inmates. It is also alleged that the plaintiff and the class are exposed to regular and systematic assaults with little to no intervention by the guards, who are understaffed and undertrained. The plaintiff seeks unspecified damages and injunctive relieve in order to cure the horrendous conditions of the Jackson County jail.

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