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On Behalf of | May 16, 2019 | Class Actions

How might an individual who has suffered personal injury owing to third-party negligence proceed if the would-be defendant is a huge and deep-pocketed corporation?

That person can of course file a lawsuit on his or her individual behalf, but that effort might involve marked challenges relative to time, money and resources. After all, such a litigation scenario pits a single person against a mighty business entity in stark David-versus-Goliath fashion.

It is clear that in some instances multiple parties have the same or highly similar claim against an alleged wrongdoer. As we note on our website at Edgar Law Firm, allegations in such matters can “involve a number of people who have been injured by the same defendant in the same way.”

That happens often to individuals and families across the United States, in cases ranging from securities fraud and deceptive advertising to product liability, labor-linked violations that hurt workers and many other types of matters.

Edgar Law attorneys aggressively promote the interests of injured parties in such cases, with the deep legal team at our national firm (with offices spanning the country) bringing more than a century of collective experience to the task.

So-called “class action” lawsuits are typified by one or more lead plaintiffs who bring injury claims similarly suffered by many others – sometimes thousands of people – against one defendant. Such filings can be attractive for a large plaintiff class owing to their consolidation in a single forum and related time and cost efficiencies.

The class action realm is obviously a singular and complex legal sphere that requires the strong acumen of a proven legal team with demonstrated advocacy both in settled cases and in matters tried to verdict in court.

We welcome contacts to the firm from individuals across the United States who have questions regarding a personal injury matter and seek information about how a class action might optimally promote their best interests.

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