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What do you need to know about a class-action lawsuit?

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2019 | Uncategorized

You may not be familiar with the process of filing a class-action lawsuit because you don’t plan on ever having to submit one, but chances are, you might.

Dozens of products are recalled every month, sometimes affecting millions of people. The products can cause minor injuries, death or anything in-between.

Just this month, there were millions of people impacted by the recall of three products.

1. Nearly one million dressers are failing safety tests, causing a recall.

The dressers pose a tip-over hazard if they are not attached to the wall. If a child or infant was to pull open a dresser drawer, the entire dresser could fall onto the child, causing injury or death.

2. Over 900,000 Toyota vehicles were recalled for malfunctioning airbags—again.

The front airbags on both the driver and passenger side could eject sharp metal fragments upon airbag deployment. These fragments can cause injury or death to the vehicle occupants.

3. Recall: Just over 1 million folding knives.

When folded inward, the locking mechanism that secures the blade in place may detach. The malfunctioning knife may cause lacerations severe enough to require medical attention.

Although you may not think you or your loved ones will face injury—and hopefully you don’t—it is a good idea to understand the process of filing a class-action lawsuit and the importance of professional guidance.

Filing a class-action lawsuit can be overwhelming, time-consuming and frightening. Now you may be better prepared to take on the task. Hopefully, now you know where to turn for help.

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