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Entertainment giant targeted in class-action lawsuits

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2019 | Class Actions

When is it right to sue to protect your rights? In a perfect world, one would never have to consider this option. In a superior world, we would always be able to sue someone who had wronged us. But in the world we have, lawsuits can seem a drawn-out and expensive venture that is only for people and businesses who know they can afford it.

Fortunately, class action lawsuits allow groups of people with the same grievance to pool their resources and stories into one collective suit. That is what employees of one of the United States’ largest entertainment companies did recently in order to fight alleged gender discrimination and pay inequities throughout its structure.

One of the two class action suits claims the firm violated the Equal Pay Act in its home state of California. The allegations include lower pay for women doing the same or comparable jobs as men at its studio, headquarters and theme park in the Los Angeles area.

Another claim involved a city regulation in Anaheim, where a resort owned by the company is based. The plaintiffs claim that they are not all receiving the minimum wage guaranteed for employees of companies receiving city subsidies under a ballot measure passed in 2018.

Defendants may attempt to block the formation of a class action or otherwise thwart these attempts before they reach court. This is why it is important to consider legal representation to consult on plaintiffs’ rights and abilities to create or join such a suit. No one should have to enter the civil legal system alone.

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