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Does using baby powder raise your risk of ovarian cancer?

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2020 | Class Actions

Product manufacturers have a duty to fabricate goods that are safe for use. They also have a duty to inform the public when certain risks exist when using a particular product. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. When manufacturers neglect to manufacture safe products or warn the public about known risks, it endangers you and everyone else who uses them.

According to the Women’s Health Research Institute at Northwestern University, the makers of certain baby powder products that contain talc continue to face allegations that the prolonged use of their products increases your cancer risk. A recent study published in a respected medical journal suggests that using talc powder regularly for hygienic reasons may increase your risk of ovarian cancer by 33%.

Ovarian cancer risks

Ovarian cancer is a deadly form of the disease, and research indicates that your chances of developing it increase if you use products containing talc powder daily. As is the case with any cancer, the earlier you identify and begin treating it, the better your chances of getting better.

Ovarian cancer symptoms

If you are a longtime user of baby powders containing talc, be on high alert for possible signs and indications of ovarian cancer. Such symptoms might include sudden changes in weight or appetite, abnormal periods or intense lower abdominal pressure or pain. You may, too, start experiencing uncharacteristic nausea or vomiting as a result of ovarian cancer.

When you start noticing these symptoms, seek prompt medical attention. Tell your doctor, too, about your use of talc products so he or she has the full story before treating you.

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