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Class action suit targets misleading labels on cleaning products

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2022 | Class Actions

Class action suit targets misleading labels on cleaning products

Class action lawsuits span a variety of industries and communities. As long as a particular grievance affects multiple consumers, workers or businesses, there may be grounds to organize a class action lawsuit.

These lawsuits may result from incidents that caused major physical risk to a group of workers. They may also occur from misconceptions and misspent money on the part of consumers. Bloomberg Law breaks down the risks of allegedly false claims of environmentally friendly products.

Specificity and context

Several companies face lawsuits these days regarding the sales language used on their labels. Examples like include a sunscreen claiming to be “Reef Safe” while clarifying in the fine print on the back that the sunscreen formula lacks two ingredients thought to harm reefs.

Courts ruled that it is unlikely to escape false advertising and liability by saying something misleading on the front and covering bases on the back with fine print.

In other class action cases, consumers may claim confusion about these statements or even potential harm. The main point is that a class action lawsuit may be necessary in the event of widespread misinformation.

Consumer cooperation in light of misinformation

The report details that 72% of North American executives agreed their marketing overstated their sustainability efforts. When businesses violate their duty and cause harm, they owe consumers a debt. It is often difficult for one consumer to muster the resources to litigate against an entire corporation.

Some communities and consumers may feel lied to or unsafe due to corporate action. In those situations, there may be an option to work together and seek compensation as a group.