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Does an employee handbook protect your business from litigation?

On Behalf of | May 22, 2023 | Business Litigation

When you own and operate a Missouri business, the chances of that business facing a lawsuit at the hands of a current or former employee are high. While a business dispute has the potential to cost your business quite a lot of time and money, there are certain preventative steps you might take to lower the chances of embroilment in a lawsuit in the first place.

According to Paycor, one such preventative measure involves drafting an employee handbook. There are several reasons having an employee handbook in place might reduce your chances of facing a lawsuit, and here are just a few.

It helps workers understand your expectations

Most employee handbooks clearly outline what a business expects of its workers. In doing so, it leaves little open to interpretation, and that right there helps lower the odds of an employee filing a lawsuit.

It demonstrates “reasonable care”

Having an employee handbook also helps communicate the fact that you care about, and look out for, your business’s workers. This may make your employees feel more favorably about you. It may also help you in court because it shows that you cared enough about their welfare to outline your business’s perks and policies and ensure they are familiar with them.

It outlines where workers should go for help

You may also want to use your handbook to outline what employees should do in the event of a dispute or employment issue. Giving your workers an internal place to turn for help may reduce the chances of that employee seeking outside help and taking you to court.

After completing the employee handbook, be sure to have all current and new hires sign it to indicate they read and comprehend its contents.